How Drones are changing the face of modern construction with a wealth of benefits.

Construction sites are a place of traditional skills, but increasingly are a place of state of the art technology, using BIM, AutoCad, GPS surveying, intelligent machine control, ground penetrating radar and more. Now UAV’s (Drones) are being brought to bear in this tech savvy industry yielding significant reductions in cost and offering rapid results and convenience to the modern site.

Construction and Civil engineering are driving nearly a third of the growth in the Drone markets, clawing back from a reputation of wastage and material overruns.

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Newtown A483/A489 bypass Project Aerial Photography 1

The ROI makes sense.

For the construction sector, use of aerial technology offers a fantastic return on investment, from initial surveying through design, marketing and monitoring, health and safety, logistics and more. Drone tech is being used to measure & monitor stockpiles, calculate cut/fill operations, save manpower and even provide survey grade mapping, using ground control points to even surpass traditional methods in turnover and accuracy.

3D Modelling and topographic mapping are easier for a drone professional who can program a drone to carry out an unaided mapping mission over a large area

We are bringing it.

Dragon UAV understands that clients want the jobs done safely, and timely. The biggest challenge we face now is to train for this new wave of industry use, to reinvest in the best drones on the market that can operate in British weather (predominantly rain!) and provide these services for a growing number of customers who are becoming more aware of the incredible and profitable capabilities this technology can bring to the table,

We intend to continue providing services to construction as one of our primary concerns, and our knowledge of best practice and the Air Navigation Order 2016 from the Civil Aviation Authority puts any business we work with at peace of mind that we can provide services by professionals, for professionals, coupled with £5million public liability insurance, scalable to £20 million instantly we can cover any project anywhere to the highest standards.

Competent drone operators understand that industry needs work to be done safely and on time, meeting requirements for risk management, tracking and scalability with repeatable and reliable methods

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Newtown A483/A489 bypass Project Aerial Photograph 2

Moving forward

As adoption of these technologies grows, it will push evolution of the use of drones in the construction industry. This is happening gradually as legislative hurdles and agreement is decided upon by the relevant bodies, and we hope to soon have a very clear distinction between qualified and authorised commercial pilots and those who operate illegally without the required knowledge to complete tasks professionally and safely,

At Dragon UAV we are committed to following this growth in the industry.

We have worked with large construction projects for Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd and Welsh Government such as on the A483/A489 Newtown Bypass road project, providing regular update photographs and high resolution video footage to aid in planning, logistics, site safety and reporting.

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We have also worked with local and county council, surveyors, landscapers, steel building suppliers and other completed work including marketing and promotion, website videos, 3D modelling of Historic sites and more.

Dragon UAV are proud to be at the forefront of this amazing new tech, and we are going from strength to strength.

If you wish to discuss the possibilities, or book Dragon UAV to cover or market your project, contact Stu Trigg, . Take a look around our website for examples and more testimonials from our clients.


Dragon UAV is Qualified, CAA certified and fully insured to £5 million Public Liability. We provide Drone photography in Wales and across the UK. We specialise in providing Drone images, video, 360 and 3D for any project. Contact us now to discuss your needs!


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