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Privacy policy & data retention policy

GDPR Privacy Notice

Dragon UAV Aerial Photo & Video only collects basic personal data about you from our contact form, which does not include any special types of information or specific location-based information. This can however include your ip address, name, postcode, email & phone number.

Why we need your data

We need to know your basic personal data in order to answer your specific enquiry. We will not collect any personal data from you that we do not need in order to provide and oversee this service to you.

IP address information is collected and stored by our web servers for basic website analytics only.

 What we do with your data

All the personal data collected on our contact form is sent via email to our UK office for the purpose of answering your enquiry; these emails are not sent via encrypted channels. We do not use your details to contact you for any other purpose, and we do not pass on any details to third parties.

Our web host stores basic server access logs for debugging, security and service review (not for marketing).

How long we keep your data

We keep basic personal data for an enquiry only (name, contact details) for 12 months in case of any further query after which time it will be destroyed.

Our web host stores website information in a segregated database which they have access to in order to perform maintenance and occasional debugging.  They may create additional log files for debugging and testing purposes.  These will exist for as long as the files are needed and are deleted straight away, usually without being backed up.

Website back-ups are securely transferred over an encrypted tunnel and go back potentially years.  They are kept physically and digitally secure by our site host with locks and passwords.


Dragon UAV is Qualified, CAA certified and fully insured to £5 million Public Liability. We provide Drone photography in Wales and across the UK. We specialise in providing Drone images, video, 360 and 3D for any project. Contact us now to discuss your needs!


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