Thanks to an innovative collaboration, Dragon UAV and Wales’ leading Japanese Knotweed removal expert, Japanese Knotweed faces a new wave of eradication across Wales.
Iestyn Jones of Japanese Knotweed Removal Wales recently contacted us to discuss the possibility of surveying areas potentially infested with this invasive and highly destructive plant. We offered advice on what we could achieve and arranged to met Iestyn on site to demonstrate what a UAV or ‘Drone’ could do.

Article Cover 300x161 - Dragon UAV enters the battle against Japanese KnotweedIestyn is a qualified Japanese Knotweed surveyor after training in Cambridgeshire in 2015. Since then he has become one of Wales’ leading specialists in the eradication of knotweed. he admits he hadn’t thought of using a drone previously, saying “I’d never really thought about using a drone before, but now, after seeing the quality and accuracy of the images (taken by the drone) – I’m confident that I’m now able to monitor large sites, effectively”

Using our high resolution images we give clients an opportunity to view, monitor and survey large areas effectively.  In this case allowing Japanese Knotweed Removal Wales a complete overview with which to plan a treatment schedule and monitor progress.  We can deploy rapidly and give you near instant oversight on areas that would either be impossible, or impossibly expensive.. and we can be there from as little as £200.

Knotweed example 5 - Dragon UAV enters the battle against Japanese Knotweed
Knotweed example 3 - Dragon UAV enters the battle against Japanese Knotweed
Knotweed example 4 - Dragon UAV enters the battle against Japanese Knotweed

Here’s a quick guide to Identifying it:

  • Mature leaves are green and heart/shield shaped and are usually around 12cm long
  • Mature growth areas form dense thickets 2-3m tall
  • Bamboo-Like stems (hollow, tall & brittle) with nodes/rings.
  • Leaves form a zigzag pattern up the stem, alternating sides with spacing
  • Blooms in Late August/September with creamy white 5mm flowers

“If you suspect or know you have a knotweed infestation, it’s best to treat it as soon as possible” Iestyn suggests, “The longer you leave it – the harder it will be to eradicate!”.  Japanese Knotweed is currently costing the UK £166 Million per year, damaging buildings, footings and infesting natural areas.

Watch a video showing how effective a treatment program in Llanllyfni has been:

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