Why do you need Dragon UAV?

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Need a stunning aerial image? Want to keep track of a construction project or just have an amazing framed aerial shot of your home?  Dragon UAV is Wales’ ‘go to’ company for Aerial Drone Photo, Video and associated media. We are just a phone call or Email away from providing you with state of the art Hi-res images or up to Ultra-HD 4k footage, 3D Mapping, Photogrammetry & Interactive 360 degree panoramas. All supplied on USB stick, or through an online storage service that you retain the password to, giving you permanent and secure storage of your media.  Drone services in Wales at their best.

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What makes Dragon UAV different?

Dragon UAV was created to meet the needs of business who would benefit from the wealth of aerial and specialist media we provide.  Good aerial media is much more than getting a drone.  After all, a drone is just an aerial tripod !  Photography & videography experience, a great track record, 100% positive feedback and award-winning innovations are some of the package every client gets.

This provides you with complete peace of mind that you will get results from us that deliver the results for YOU.  We are pushing innovation, new technology and techniques to further not only our own business, but our industry and are partaking of several groundbreaking projects to further this.

What We Do

DragonUAV offers second to none photo, video and associated media. From High resolution still photography to 4K Ultra-HD Video, 3D scanning and modelling, hyperlapse & time-lapse photography, virtual tours and more. These can be used for whatever needs suit, providing unique materials for business or personal use.

How We Do It

DragonUAV uses state of the art unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to capture photography and videography for Civil Engineering, special events, survey & inspection, construction planning and overview and much more.

While our offices are located in Newtown we are ready to deploy anywhere across the rest of the UK.

A comprehensive and auditable Health & Safety policy ensures every flight complies fully with Civil Aviation Authority rules, backed up by a CDL-s Flight qualification. CAA approval commercial flights and £5million public liability insurance, which can be increased up to £20million should it be required!

We pride ourselves in results, and peace of mind for our clients.

Who Are We

Stu has over 25 years of experience in various I.T. capacities, working in Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Video editing, Photo-manipulation and hardware build, installation and repair.

Driven by a true passion for all technology and combining them with a record of award-winning customer service and innovation and a genuine desire to exceed expectations, you can be assured of great results.

When necessary, Stu will bring fully trained observers/spotters to ensure safety and crowd monitoring to ensure your project is completed without a hitch.

We collaborate regularly with engineers, surveyors, CAD detailers and professional video suites to fulfil any requirement at any level.

What We Use

We have several pieces of equipment in our inventory to achieve great results.

From our GPS/Gyro equipped aerial platforms to hand-held DSLR Cameras, and specialist mounts. We never compromise on whatever we need to get you the best results possible.  We have steadycam, 360 video cameras, handheld gimbal cameras and a 40ft/12m quadpod mast for situations where a drone may not be suitable (city centres for eg.)

We upgrade our equipment regularly to offer the highest possible quality in our packages to ensure we can excel on any task.

Whether you need breathtaking and detailed aerial photography, or crisp clear close range images or video, our equipment is capable of capturing the perfect shot for every occasion.


Dragon UAV is Qualified, CAA certified and fully insured to £5 million Public Liability. We provide Drone photography in Wales and across the UK. We specialise in providing Drone images, video, 360 and 3D for any project. Contact us now to discuss your needs!


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